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The world is changing fast. Digital connectivity has improved our lives for the better, and it has raised people’s expectations, offering them every imaginable kind of choice.

With mobile devices in hand, consumers have more power, voice and access to information than ever before. They’re engaging with brands across multiple channels before making purchases and are less willing to suffer any inconvenience or invest extra time to get what they want. Once people make up their minds, they want products and services immediately.

Any additional effort, step or inconvenience in the purchase journey is friction.

Businesses are always promising things 'now'. But none of these actually mean now — they’re merely the beginning of a tedious consumer journey.

Friction affects businesses in more ways than you think.

Now, more than ever before, businesses must take the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate friction. Consumers who experience pain points are more likely to abandon the purchase journey at every phase, or switch to a competitor that promises a smoother, hassle-free experience. Simply put, multiple sources of friction will negatively impact your bottom line.

Ignoring these pain points can lead to higher marketing costs, loss of customer loyalty and trust and a lower market share.

How KLM made customer service soar with messaging:

  • 40% increase in customer interactions with Messenger

  • 5-point higher average Net Promoter Score on Messenger than goal The airline wanted to improve its customer service by making it easy for customers and agents to have meaningful conversations on social media. KLM implemented artificial intelligence for its social media channels to respond to messages. On Messenger, KLM engaged with customers post-purchase, sharing flight information such as booking confirmations, check-in notifications, boarding passes and flight status updates.


Zero Friction Solutions Guide: Learn how to reduce friction at every stage of your consumer journey with Facebook’s family of apps and their Zero Friction Solutions Guide (UK).
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