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Trends & Stories

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to keep up with the latest in digital. Here are some of the most talked about topics in digital this Summer that can help shape your strategy.

Google Responsive Display Ads

Trend #1: Video comes to Google responsive display ads. Like responsive search ads (RSAs), Google responsive display ads are largely automated, with advertisers adding multiple images, headlines, descriptions, and brand logos that get served in different combinations and ad sizes dynamically. Now advertisers can add up to five YouTube videos to be dynamically served in different combinations with other elements in ad creative. Furthermore, Google responsive display ads are adding other new features, like a combination report designed to give more insights into which groupings of assets and copy are performing best.

Asymmetric Design

Trend #2 Asymmetrical layouts are rising in popularity. As template design tools such as Squarespace and Canva become more and more popular, designers and brands are looking to create web experiences that feel more bespoke. Asymmetrical design elements create visually engaging layouts that move with the flow of content to guide the user throughout the website experience. Consider asymmetrical layouts for images, backgrounds, and content.

Voice search popularity is rising...

Trend #3 Keywords are evolving due to the popularity of voice search. It’s no secret that voice search is gaining more and more traction. Internet users are increasingly shifting from typing their queries into Google to asking voice search providers such as Siri and OK Google. This trend will significantly change the type of keywords you need to target, as users begin asking more complete questions and long-tail queries. Bidding on long-tail keywords and question-phrased keywords (even though they have a lower search volume) is an extremely cost-effective way to drive voice conversions for search queries.

Amazon Advertising

Trend #4 Amazon is launching new video advertising opportunities. Amazon is estimated to be the third-largest digital ad seller in the United States. With only Google and Facebook ahead of them, Amazon is now making a stronger play in the video advertising space. Amazon IMDb has more than 250 million unique monthly users worldwide. It offers more than 130 feature movie titles and 29 TV shows available for free. Now advertisers can run video ads alongside premium content that aligns with their brands. If your business has compelling video content, consider advertising alongside popular shows and movies that appeal to your target demographics.

The rise of Snapchat

Trend #5 Snapchat reports that its ads now reach more 13- to 34-year-olds than Instagram in the U.S. and, per its latest earnings report, has more daily active users than Twitter (Snap reported 190 million global daily active users, while Twitter reported 134 million global mDAUs (monetised daily active users). Over the last year, the time spent watching shows on Snapchat (content produced by the company’s Discover partners) has more than tripled. Snap said nearly half of its daily Discover viewers watched content on the platform every day of the week last quarter.


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