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Understanding the world of digital marketing today can be challenging. However, these mind-blowing, real-world analogies (with GIFs to match) may help!


1. "Social Marketing is like making a cosmopolitan; replacing fresh limes with packaged lime juice is the equivalent of stopping all bespoke/creative content and not boosting posts. The martini is essentially the same, it just looks and tastes less interesting."

2. "Search marketing is like herding cats. Cats are fiendishly complicated to manage, they eat when they want, sleep when they want, come and go as they please. A cat is going to do what it wants, when it wants and there's precious little you can do to change that. Search marketing isn't entirely like that, but it's close."

3. "Google SEO is like World of Warcraft because getting to page 1, and staying there, is search engine hand-to-hand combat that never ends. The closer you get to the goal, page 1, the more cunning and more ferocious the opponents you must face, and defeat. Page 1 is a battle field littered with the corpses of websites that weren't up to the challenge."


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