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Entroxy offers unlimited holidays.

Yes, really.

Unlimited as in ‘take as much holiday as you need’.

Unlimited. Not kind-of-unlimited.

No asterisks. No conditions.

And here’s what you should know:

• Not once have we had someone abuse this.

• The great work that we do has taken a hit exactly zero times.

• No one is online during their time off. Otherwise, what’s the point?

• And no one has had to work long hours to make up for someone else’s time off.

All of that is possible thanks to this thing called mutual respect.

After a busy start to 2022, I already felt the need to take a couple of days off and just go somewhere sunny. And you bet it made all the difference.

Let’s recap what you already know but probably aren’t actioning:

🏖 Taking regular holidays isn’t laziness. It’s essential. ‘I haven’t taken a week off in two years’ is not something you should be proud of. It’s something you should be seriously concerned about. And if your company isn’t proactively urging you to use your holidays for improved efficiency and better mental health, ask yourself whether you’re in the right place.

📥 A zero-email inbox isn’t an honourable goal. So please stop telling everyone at work about how you’ve managed to smash through 274 emails in a day — it just shows you are able to read, not that you can make stuff happen.

🌈 Your well-being isn’t something that can wait. Your job is. With very — very — few exceptions. If you’re feeling guilty about taking time off regularly, work towards respecting yourself enough to see that regular time away from work is essential, not just desirable.

So take that holiday. Book that damn flight — and always wear sunscreen. Yes, even in winter.

(Pictured: Res - Creative Director at Entroxy)


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