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Blink and you'll miss it! The average person will spend approximately 1.7 seconds with each piece of content on mobile devices. That’s how long you have to make your message stand out. Suffice to say, our expectation for immediate, gratifying content has reached astronomical levels.

As our consumption of both technology and content increases, this attention span (or lack thereof) is likely to decrease even further. Your concentration is probably already dwindling whilst reading this blog post and I’ve only written six lines so far... (by the way, you just read that wrong. You just checked to see if you you really that read wrong, didn’t you? You probably did read that bit wrong though.) Now that’s irritated you… here’s a .GIF of a very good boy.

Now, back to business. Best practices on Facebook now all point to engaging ‘video first’ content that is optimised to be viewed vertically, filling the screen of the viewer’s device. Visual cues are key to this format as the majority of viewers will view videos with sound off initially. As well as being viewable without sound, it is essential that your brand is displayed front and centre in the video… there’s no point in building up to a big brand reveal if only a fraction of your audience stick around to see it, this isn’t a TV ad!

When you can weave stories into your videos and marketing material, you’re more likely to spark emotion and hold people’s attention more effectively. Today, the best way for brands to tell their story - amongst the ever-changing digital landscape on which we live our lives -

is with a video.

This probably comes as no surprise, however, did you know that it’s estimated that video will account for more than 75% of online traffic in 2018? To put this into perspective, today Facebook sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. That's a lot of people viewing a lot of content that your brand has to compete with in order to stand out!

Key takeaway's (typing this made me hungry):

  • Create video that is optimised for mobile: beautifully created videos hold people's attention for five times longer than static imagery

  • The best things in life are short and sweet: ensure that any content is vibrant and gets to the point as quickly as possible, with key messaging and branding up front

  • Build video that is designed to surprise and delight: Don't be scared of what formats that Facebook has to offer - 360 video and Live video or even Augmented Reality are increasingly popular and, depending on your campaign objectives, can be an invaluable tool for your brand


James - Paid Social/Resident Beard Enthusiast

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